Light From Dark - Three Calla Lilies

Wedding Calla Lilies

Remembering Grandma’s Favorites - Dahlias, Roses and Peaches

Summer Light - Yellow Dahlias and Tomatoes

Luscious Abundance - Peach Dahlias and Peaches

 Lust for Life - Miniature Roses in Crystal

Blackberries, Crystal, and Pink Still Life

Finer Times - Miniature Roses and Antique Tea Set

Brilliance on Black - Peonies and Iris

Velvet Ladies - Pink Peony Still Life
Lovely Ladies - Peonies and Reflections
Lady in Blue & Iridescent Dahlia
Shadowed Dahlia
Mocha and Gold Iris Still Life

Iris Favorites with Iris Ceramic Vase

Pastel Iris Reflected
Iris Rhapsody in Blue​​​​​​​
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