I am an artist, graphic designer, and photographer who loves sharing my art with you! Let me help you choose the perfect art for your home

I love flowers. I love to grow them, make paintings of them and photograph them. I love their flamboyant colors, their shape both delicate and sturdy. But mostly I love the way they reflect the light, when they rise from the shadow and the sunlight makes them sparkle and glow. The style of the old masters called chiaroscuro, the dramatic use of light and shadow, is the style I use to reveal the brilliance or even the delicacy of their form and hue. I hope you will take the journey with me as I venture to reveal beauty that has always been but is ever new. 

So you can know me better, I'd like to tell you about my process. In the early morning light I go out on my deck which is surrounded with roses. I wander through the gardens looking for the perfect flowers to cut for a new still life. Will it be warm yellows, gold, and oranges, or deep fuchsia dahlias with pink roses? The flowers form a parade as the seasons march by. I photograph them in their natural setting glowing in the sun or emerging from the shadows. The ones that are full and bright will be the subject of the still life today. 
I imagine the setting. Will it be crystal, or pottery, or maybe pieces from my milk glass collection. The flowers and their accompaniment are brought into the studio and then I play with the arrangement and the lighting. Will it be a dark setting with the flowers glowing out of the dark, or a beautiful high key, bright and happy setting? Little by little the picture emerges. 
When it feels just right, then to the computer for adjustment. If it is perfect, then one version will become a painting, oil, watercolor, or pastel, even charcoal, using amazing software that lets me choose the stroke size, thickness of the paint and amount of detail. I always think, "if I was painting this picture in oils or water colors, what would it be like." 
Next, I prepare it for printing. I like to think of my printer as a film photographer would the darkroom. The photo painting is actually finished just as if it were developed in the darkroom. Finally it is ready to share with you. I hope you love it as much as I do. 

Now, let's choose the perfect picture to add joy to your own environment. If you don't see the exact one, please contact me. I have many others I could show you. Also, these are quality high resolution photos and art work. We can reproduce them in any size you would like. Want them framed? That's so much easier than finding a framer yourself. Let's work together. I'd love to know you and help you with your project. 
Regards, Jeri Abel
Thank you!
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